About Our Director

Molly Rumberger has been a Theatre Arts teacher with Fairfax County Public Schools for the past 8 years and has been teaching students since she was in college at Virginia Tech. It was there she began volunteering for Project ESTEEM, which served underprivileged elementary school students in the area. Mrs. Rumberger began teaching these students basic Theatre Arts performance skills and eventually helped put on a production. She ensured the program continued to incorporate Theatre Arts in their curriculum after she graduated and knew after her experience, she would eventually find her way back to teaching.

Mrs. Rumberger has been an actor in the area (and LA) since she graduated college and has appeared in several local commercials, specifically for Koons Automotive. When she was living in Los Angeles, she worked for Disneyland (you can ask her more about this!) and also appeared in the Lifetime film Crimes of the Mind, which still airs on occasion. She made her way back to Virginia after discovering that she loved the idea of teaching and being able to get more experience on the stage.

Since she became a teacher, Mrs. Rumberger has also established a full-time side gig performing with several local theatres including Keegan Theatre, Monumental Theatre Company, Creative Cauldron, and NextStop Theatre Company. She was recently nominated for three Helen Hayes Awards and won the Helen Hayes for Supporting Actor in a Musical.

At South County HS, Mrs. Rumberger has helped produce several plays, musicals, one-acts, and more. The department recently won the State Championship for their one-act, Conflict, by Wade Bradford and produced several virtual performances over the course of the pandemic.

Want to know another fun fact? Mrs. Rumberger went to South County HS! That's right! She was a part of the first graduating class in 2007. Please don't do the math on that and figure out her age. Or, just pretend you don't know. She loves being able to teach at the school that ignited her passion for Theatre Arts and she loves being able to give back to this community!

About Our Department

The South County HS Theatre Arts Department is an award-winning program that has been in operation since the school opened its doors in 2005. During a normal school year, the department puts on a mainstage play, musical, student-directed one-acts, and more!

Recently, the department won the State VHSL One-Act Competition in 2020 for the play Conflict by Wade Bradford. The theatre department features an array of classes including Theatre 1, 2, 3/4 and Tech 1, 2/3/4. After school, there are a variety of opportunities on top of the shows including the Theatre Sports team, International Thespian Society, Cappies Critics, and more. Please feel free to ask Mrs. Rumberger more questions about the department by emailing her directly.